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Doctor Heals With Roses

Sushil Koirala isn’t just a doctor, he’s a healer of the soul, too. He’s been handing out roses for years to break down social stigmas in Nepal. And on World Leprosy Day, he wants patients […]

A Beauty Pageant For…Elephants

There was a beauty pageant in Nepal this weekend … for elephants. The 11th annual Elephant Festival attracts tourists and promotes awareness for elephant conservation. “This festival reminds us of our responsibilities towards wildlife,” the […]

Last Minutes on Everest/ NYT

BY Vikram Singh, Rajneesh Bhandari and Taige Jensen | May. 9, 2014 | Footage captured minutes before April’s deadly Everest avalanche highlights the Sherpas’ pride and resilience, which support not only Western expeditions but also the Sherpas’ families […]

Food Shortage in Shangri-La

Nepal’s Himalaya region has inspired mythology both ancient and modern, including the British author James Hilton’s novel “Lost Horizon,” which coined the term “Shangri-La” in 1933 to describe the heavenly nature of the region. But […]