Life Suspended in Rural Nepal

On a steep cliff northeast of Kathmandu, one family is forced to live outside, mourning the dead and worrying that rains from the coming monsoons will create more deadly landslides.

Fear and Limbo in Katmandu

BY Rajneesh Bhandari and Sofia Perpetua | Apr. 28, 2015 | 1:24 Since Saturday’s earthquake, tens of thousands in Katmandu have slept outside, wary of aftershocks and the threat of collapsing buildings.

Devastation in Katmandu

BY Rajneesh Bhandari and Colin Archdeacon | Apr. 25, 2015 | 2:07 A deadly earthquake shook Nepal on Saturday near its capital, Katmandu, and set off avalanches around Mount Everest.

Last Minutes on Everest/ NYT

BY Vikram Singh, Rajneesh Bhandari and Taige Jensen | May. 9, 2014 | Footage captured minutes before April’s deadly Everest avalanche highlights the Sherpas’ pride and resilience, which support not only Western expeditions but also the Sherpas’ families […]

A Village Mourns/NYT

By Rajneesh Bhandari and Alyssa Kim July 20th, 2013 Poisoning from a school lunch killed 23 children from the northeastern Indian state of Bihar on Tuesday. One villager talks about the effect the tragedy had […]