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The Never-Ending Election

It has been more than seven weeks that Nepal is without a prime minister. For the fifth consecutive time, none of the candidates received enough votes to claim the majority. Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal […]

Nepal Denies Serpent Honeymoon

Twenty-two year old Nihita Biswas was hoping for a honeymoon at last with her 66-year-old husband. But the Supreme Court of Nepal denied any possibility of this when it sentenced the man known as “the […]

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Tigers amaze tourists and scare villagers in Nepal, but maybe the incense burned and the diyos lit for the tiger god Bag Bhairav are working. The tiger population in Nepal has increased this year, according […]

Buddha Boy Not So Zen

The 20-year-old “Buddha Boy” of Nepal, who is famous for meditating in the dense forest of Ratanpur village since 2005 and whose followers claim is the reincarnation of the Buddha, beat up more than a […]


After nearly a month since Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned from his post, Nepal was expecting a new prime minister today. The government—after missing the deadline to write a new constitution—did nothing specific in […]

It Works! (Nepal police claim….)

After Maoists rebels laid down their arms to join the Nepalese peace process in 2006, no fewer than 109 separate armed outfits–gangs and rebel groups–sprang up to replace them in the southern plain of Terai, […]

It’s On! (Or is it?)

Ending a month-long constitutional stalemate, Nepalese Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal resigned today after just over a year in office. Addressing the nation, 57-year-old Prime Minister Nepal said, “It is already too late to table […]

“Indefinite Strike” Becomes Finite

To the general surprise of most Nepalis, the Maoists called off their “indefinite strike” on Friday evening. In fact, the “indefinite strike” lasted exactly six days, but in those six days, the country saw a […]

Does This Marathon Have a Finish Line?

“Is the Nepal Government imposing state of emergency?”, a tourist asked me in one of the streets of Kathmandu. Not exactly, I told him, but close. Nobody is happy with the things happening in the […]

If This Democracy Thing Doesn’t Work…

As Nepal moves through a two-month deadline to deliver a new constitution, Nepal’s former monarch said that monarchy is not yet over. But is it possible? Former King Gyanendra says that “if the people want,” […]

Death of a Founding Father

I was at the funeral procession and last rites for Girija Prasad Koirala. The five-time prime minister of Nepal died on Saturday at the age of 85 after a decade of influence. He was the […]

UN to Nepal: You Are “Boring,” “Absurd”

The United Nations undersecretary general was generally underwhelmed during his three-day visit to Nepal—he called criticisms of the mission in Nepal (UNMIN) “cheap shots”, “boring” and “absurd.” He had also accused the political parties of […]