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Red Passport Scam

Red passport scam remains as one of the biggest corruption scandals in Nepal in 2011. After the story appeared in the media three lawmakers who were elected four years back to draft a new constitution […]

Youth Unemployment a Global Crisis

By Rajneesh Bhandari As I am reporting the ILO’s first ever Youth Employment Forum at their headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, the statistics released on youth unemployment is quite shocking. The reported titled “Global Employment Trends […]

Silent sufferers

MAR 30 – Four-year-old Binu Dangol enters the room with her mother and father, dressed daintily in a blue t-shirt and trousers, her hair done neatly, but I can see that she’s scared. She leans […]

Hoping for the return: Nepal’s IDPs

Hope: Internally displaced persons of Nepal from Rajneesh Bhandari on Vimeo. By Rajneesh Bhandari Kathmandu, Sept 16: One day in 1999, Kalyan Bhudathoki, 50, left his home in Ramechap that lies in the hilly and […]

Nepal names its prime minister

By Rajneesh Bhandari and Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Katmandu, Nepal, and New Delhi — Nepal on Sunday named a new prime minister, the fourth Communist to hold the post since the nation […]

Nepal’s prime minister resigns

Jhala Nath Khanal steps down after six months, leaving the nation bracing for another political crisis. August 15, 2011|By Rajneesh Bhandari and Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times Reporting from Katmandu, Nepal, and New Delhi — […]

The Never-Ending Election

It has been more than seven weeks that Nepal is without a prime minister. For the fifth consecutive time, none of the candidates received enough votes to claim the majority. Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal […]

Nepal Denies Serpent Honeymoon

Twenty-two year old Nihita Biswas was hoping for a honeymoon at last with her 66-year-old husband. But the Supreme Court of Nepal denied any possibility of this when it sentenced the man known as “the […]

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Tigers amaze tourists and scare villagers in Nepal, but maybe the incense burned and the diyos lit for the tiger god Bag Bhairav are working. The tiger population in Nepal has increased this year, according […]

Buddha Boy Not So Zen

The 20-year-old “Buddha Boy” of Nepal, who is famous for meditating in the dense forest of Ratanpur village since 2005 and whose followers claim is the reincarnation of the Buddha, beat up more than a […]