Vision of E-Nepal

APR 21 – What will be Nepal’s technological reach after five years? Well, after five years, most of the citizens will be using laptop, online business will expand, goods will be bought and sold through various internet, exams will be online, internet will be faster and its users would increase. But the most interesting thing is that student from the rural areas all over Nepal are getting laptops.
One Laptop Per Child Nepal, a non-profit organization recently distributed XO laptop that they call Mero Sanu Sathi to the students of 4th grades of Janajyoti Primary School in Kavre as a part of its pilot distribution of the laptop in Nepal. Students were happy, curious and excited to get the green box. Server with wireless connection was built up for the students to excess extra books. A nine-member Committe was also formed to look after the safety, performance and influence of the laptop. Perhaps, they became the first students to take laptops in governmental school. And now they must be charging the battery of their laptops.
It’s interesting that non-governmental organization and entrepreneurs are moving ahead of government and making changes. There are other organizations like OLPC Nepal working for some change in the society. They should come together and work for the betterment of the society.
The XO laptop is easy to handle and the programs easy to use. It is indeed a greatattempt to make students of fourth grade technologically sound. The gap between the students using the laptop and others who are not will be seen in few months in the school.
OLPC says it will distribute laptops in Lalitpur in the coming month as a part of their program.
OLPC has provided them laptops but I think internet access is still lacking. Internet is vital, something essential for global communication. And every school and students should use it rightly. Students from the rural school should be provided with internet and webspace as well in order to create their own websites. After that they could read and write globally to the global audience.
Even some colleges have already started providing free webspace for its student.
Kathmandu Pragya Kunja College, a Kathmandu-based college is offering webspace for its students for blogging. Students get their assignment and submit at a specific webpage.
After five years, the vision of e-nepal is really possible, but the only thing we need is determination of using the technology to make our work more easier, faster and organized. It is high time that parents also update themselves with the latest technological advancement and learnt to use the laptop through their siblings.

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