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Nepal’s Insecurity Complex

Increasing concerns about the security situation in Kathmandu have prompted the Indian embassy to strengthen its own security following reports this week that it has been targeted by the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. The embassy […]

Nepali Minister Resigns

Rijwan Ansari maintains he had to resign “on my moral ground. The security condition is deteriorating, and I couldn’t help improve the situation.” But the minister of state home affairs didn’t stop there when he […]

Saving Everest

For the first time in the annals of human history, a government Cabinet met in the lap of Mount Everest. Indeed, the meeting, which took place on December 4th, has set many records. It was […]

Can Nepal Charm Its Neighbors?

Once again, Nepal is caught between the tiger and the dragon. A few months ago, Indian police uncovered a counterfeit currency racket led by India’s most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibraheem, and involving agents in Pakistan, […]

Dispatch from Kathmandu: Yeti Again…

For the second time in about a year, a team of climbers say that they have discovered footprints of yeti, the “abominable snowman” that mountaineers and sheep herders believe roam the Himalayas. Last fall, it […]