Virus Outbreak: How Police in Nepal Are Enforcing a Lockdown

Nepal is cracking down on lockdown violators and police are using a multipurpose fork device to enforce the law.

“Nepal police had this tool in stock for five years. We had used this earlier while controlling the crowd,” says Inspector Dilli Raj Sapkot.

“The way in which COVID-19 is spreading in the present context, we have to maintain social distance, but in case if we have to catch any individual who has been defying the lockdown we found this tool to be appropriate.”

“That is why we have brought this tool into use to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that individuals are staying at home.”

“If people do not listen despite of all this we catch them with the help of this device. We hold them for 1-2 hours. After that we tell them the reason for holding them and why we are asking them to stay at home. We tell them that if they do not maintain social distance and don’t stay indoors they might be vulnerable to the transmission of the disease.”

Filmed for QuickTake by Bloomberg by Rajneesh Bhandari in Nepal.

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