Nepal Denies Serpent Honeymoon

Twenty-two year old Nihita Biswas was hoping for a honeymoon at last with her 66-year-old husband. But the Supreme Court of Nepal denied any possibility of this when it sentenced the man known as “the Bikini killer” to life imprisonment. Biswas’ husband is Charles Sobhraj, the French serial killer also known as the “Serpent” who is suspected of at least 12 murders throughout Asia. He was ultimately convicted of the 1975 murder of American radiology student Connie Jo Bronzich.

Sobhraj has had a storied career as a con man, drug dealer, jewel thief and murderer, with ambitions to start his own “Manson family.” But Biswas, who studies political science and literature at a university in Kathmandu, denies that her husband is anything other than “intelligent and different from the crowd.”

“I am the wife of Sobhraj, I will remain the wife of Sobhraj, and my love will remain the same,” Biswas said. “I went in front of the jail and stayed there till midnight (on the day he was convicted), though it was raining.”

Biswas fell in love with Sobhraj while working as a translator, and they claim that they married in the jail. The affair and the marriage made Biswas a celebrity overnight.

After the court’s verdict on Friday, Biswas and her mother, Sakuntala Thapa, who is one of Sobhraj’s lawyers, accused judges and the court of taking bribes and issuing a bias verdict.

Two lawyers filed a contempt of court against them on Sunday, and Biswas and her mother were detained by the police for one day. They were released after apologizing for their accusations.

Life imprisonment in Nepal lasts 20 years. Biswas could get her honeymoon, then, after all—13 years from now.

–Rajneesh Bhandari

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