Nepali Minister Resigns

Rijwan Ansari maintains he had to resign “on my moral ground. The security condition is deteriorating, and I couldn’t help improve the situation.” But the minister of state home affairs didn’t stop there when he quit his post late Wednesday. While his boss, Home Minister Bhim Rawal, continued claiming to be working hard on a security plan, in the aftermath of several high-profile murders, Ansari called Rawal out for irresponsibility and ineffective use of Nepal’s police force.

“The entire police administration was used unilaterally and so law and order went on deteriorating,” reads the resignation letter, adding, “My sense of morality does not allow me to continue in my post when cases of murders, abduction and violence are rife.”

Ansari, Rawal and Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal are all from the same party – CPN UML. However, the prime minister wasn’t happy with Ansari after the latter publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Rawal, saying that he wasn’t given any responsibility in the Ministry.

Rijwan Ansari

Ansari is the latest fall-out for the high-profile murders of two prominent media figures. Security Officials said that they are investigating about different groups, especially in the murder of media entrepreneur Arun Singhaniya.

But Ansari’s resignation has further created intra-party complications for the prime minister, at the time the Maoists have been demanding his resignation. And, there is now a lapse in the chain of command in the Home Ministry just as regional violence is increasing.

– Rajneesh Bhandari

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