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OCT 05 – It has been more than a month that a thief broke into my house at midnight and stole money, mobile and some of my belongings.
I knew the incident at about 2 o’clock. I was scared as such incidents hadn’t occurred in my life. I always take life normally and had kept myself open to the people around me. I never thought that thieves will take advantage of the open window at night.
I called the local inspector, hoping that he would come to my home and search the place. But to my surprise, he asked me to file the complaint in the morning. I lost all the hope from the police when he didn’t care to know about the details of the incident and didn’t bother to search the place.
This is just a case related with me; there are many other cases in which people have lost their hope from police and the state. Police are losing public trust. It has been more than a month that three simultaneous bomb attacks were made in the valley killing three and injuring six people. The incident took place at a time when we are moving towards the constituent assembly.
After a month the police have charged four people in connection with the bomb blast. Parents of Ayusha KC, Anisha KC and Sandhya Khadka want the culprits jailed. But why is the state so silent about the incident?
I asked one of the police officers about the bomb blast case. He said that they were investigating the incident.
There is much tension in the tarai these days. People are having hard times just to survive. According to a report, more than 30 people have died and hundreds of others have become homeless. Violence is on the rise and ministers had hard time to reach the affected area. The police haven’t found out who was behind the incident. Even the locals are protesting against the administration for lack of security. It was a pathetic condition that angry locals had to obstruct the ministers for the right of their life and security. It is reported that the incident just happened in front of the police camp. But the voice of the people didn’t reach them.
I am just surprised when I look at the investigation of the police. Gaur incident is another horrific incident. More than three dozen people were killed there. It has been more than six months but why aren’t the culprits jailed as yet?
The program of Yoga Guru Ramdev had to be postponed for a day for security reasons. It was a shameful incident that the Nepali Police which has more than 53 thousand police personnel couldn’t provide security for a program in Tudhikhel. So, the obvious question is: Is it possible to hold the constituent Assembly polls with this police force?
If the number of police force is insufficient to improve the existing security situation it is high time to increase their number and equip them with latest technologies. How can I go to the booth and participate in voting if I can’t sleep safely at home?

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